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WP Super Host WordPress folks! You made a good call making WordPress your CMS. But like most site owners, you probably don’t
want to deal with all the technical parts of hosting and managing that WordPress site. Who has time for that? Instead, focus on creating a website your
users will love and let the tool in today’s product showcase handle the hosting for you. Stay tuned for today’s product showcase. What’s going on, party people? It’s your girl Vanessa, and I am hyped to
tell you about WP Super Host, which makes WordPress hosting safer, faster, and easier than ever. Before I show you how it does all of that,
double-check that you are subscribed to AppSumo’s YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up. Alrighty, let’s dive in. You’ll start by entering your domain and
selecting whether or not you want to use WP Super Host’s name servers. If that’s not your jam, you can also choose
to point your A Name records to your site’s IP address.

Alright, from here you have a couple of options
for site migration: either request the help of the generous people behind WP Super Host
to handle it for you or take matters into your own hands. If you go for door number 1, you’ll fill
out all of the necessary credentials that they’ll need to migrate all of your content and data over. This whole process takes between 1 and 3 days
to make sure everything is exactly right. Once your website is migrated to a domain,
you’ll receive a checklist to double check that things are running smoothly. This includes checking for any dead hyperlinks,
404 errors, or broken contact forms. If you decide to go at it alone, WP Super Host
will provide you with instruction documents from popular hosts.


All you need to do is migrate your WordPress
content files and database to the new VPS host machine provided to you. Alright, from here you are going to migrate
your files and database, and upload your WP files into an SFTP path. After this, you’ll check the same checklist
from earlier to make sure everything is working a-ok. If everything is looking good, your
production domain is ready! All of your websites will appear on the Sites page. From here, you can check out the usage for
your website; apply updates to WordPress, your theme, and your plugins; and access any
of your backups from the past 30 days. WP Super Host will do an auto-backup daily
or you can do a manual backup whenever you feel like it! WP Super Host also creates a staging domain
where you can test changes to your website. This page has all of the same functionality,
but your changes are kept offline until you are ready to push them through to your production site. And heads up! Whenever you push a staging site through to
production, WP Super Host takes a quick snapshot so you can always go back to your OG site.

Bonus! You can also create a development environment,
which adds yet another layer of protection between the site you are editing and the one that’s live. WordPress fam, it is a no brainer. Migrate your website to WP Super Host today!.

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