Qlearly Review on AppSumo

Alright, Sumolings, answer honestly: How many
tabs do you have open on your browser right now? If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot,
and you’re probably tired of wasting time clicking between them to find the one you
need. Lucky for you, we have a solution that will
simplify your workflow and skyrocket your productivity online in today’s product showcase. What’s goin on? It's Chris from AppSumo here, and today we are
talking about Qlearly, a modern bookmark and tab manager that organizes your favorite
sites into boards and columns for extremely easy access.

Psssst, Sumolings, before we get into it:
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AppSumo? Now let’s get you started with Qlearly. Install the Qlearly browser extension and
select if you’d like to import your bookmarks or start off with a clean slate. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able
to add new columns and links with just one click. Plus, Qlearly’s drag and drop technology
lets you easily slide currently opened tabs or previously saved bookmarks onto your boards. Everything on Qlearly is that easy! It’s search bar allows you to filter through
all your saved Bookmarks, as well as the top Google search results, directly from your
Qlearly Dashboard. Boards can be duplicated, deleted, and publicly
or privately shared with a single click–and for you marketing gurus out there, you can
even edit the shared link’s meta data.


Qlearly takes your productivity seriously. With an option to add tasks and notes to your
columns, you can stay on top of projects and customize Qlearly to satisfy all of your Internet
needs. Plus, Qlearly stays with you as you browse. Using the extension dropdown, you don’t
have to jump between Qlearly and your work to browse or add bookmarks. You can even save bookmarks by right clicking
directly on the website you want to save! It’s time to stop wasting time jumping back
and forth between your tabs, and start taking control of your digital life. So if you’re ready to supercharge your productivity,
then you’ll definitely want to check out Qlearly!.

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