Pixellied Review 2021 [+ Giveaway] ?With Great Icon Library | Pixelied Vs Canva | Pixelied Vs Crello

Today we will do Pixelied's Detailed Review Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani I make digital tools review videos Today we are going to talk about the tool which is Pixelied It is a tool like Canva and Crello You get an online web-based interface where you can create images So we will do a detailed review and look about its various features, cons and who all should buy it We will also compare this with the Canva free with what is the pro and con I have also brought you the GIVEAWAY of this tool, so HIT THE LIKE BUTTON So let's start with the interface You will see a homepage like this As soon as you log in, you will see an interface like this You can see different templates like this to create various images As soon as you click on the templates you can see various categories, I will come onto it later on My designs will have all your created designs at a place There would be different workspaces and different categories of it You can have your personal workspace and work's workspace separately You have the feature of background remover and different features of illustrations are available You can also download them You can also go through account settings, billing, and all the basic information which is on the right-hand corner They also have a private Facebook group If I talk about the editor You can go to Create a design option, I will provide the Height and Width of my image Creating a design with it will open the editor option You will get various templates and images Suppose for the GIVEAWAY result, I need to create an image, so for that, I will search for Gift Option Then you can adjust the settings for it accordingly Then if you have to input text for it so you can find templates for it as well You will find more templates in the Canva Free But Pixelied has such features which are not available on Canva Free So if I want to add that text on my file If I have to edit it, I will double click on it and write GIVEAWAY Then next I can enter what the giveaway is all about Pixelied 4 Accounts Then you can enter illustrations, you can enter mockups, I will come onto its detail later on Elements, icons, blends, My files In My Files, we can upload the content and all the basic details All the fonts you require you can add on your image, you can also change it So you will see and editor like this on Pixelied So if I talk about its con Suppose I want to upload an image, so I can't directly drag it in the editor, I will have to upload the image from the Choose File option The direct option for drag and drop is not available The best part about it is the Eyedropper tool Suppose I want to apply a shade for that I can select it through Eyedropper tool Talking about its pricing, so it is at the moment available at a lifetime deal price in AppSumo It starts from $49 and you will see many premium features of it It is limited to only 5 background removal credits per month per code, I wish they could have provided more So as soon as you will increase your package your workspace as well as you team members would also increase Rest there won't be any difference in the premium icons and collections It is available on AppSumo so you can test it And you can also claim for 60 days refund if you don't like it Talking about templates, You can see different templates in various categories The collection of templates is really good Compared with Canva Free, the collection is available widely The best part about it is they have a unique factor in their templates The one who is a regular user of canva can identify through the templates that it is from canva free, as the templates are too common Canva is widely used and the free version is used by many So here you will have different categories and different look So no one can easily tell that you have used the free tool or you have designed it from canva So in total, you can see 27 different categories of templates You can also find the search feature, previously it was not available For example, I want to hire any intern, so for that, I will go to hire option and I can find its related templates Suppose I want this particular template, so for this, the editor would open up and then I can easily edit the template Talking about import and export, we can upload PNG, JPG or in SVG File format If I want to download and export, so JPEG, SVG, PNG and PNG Transparent, SVG, WebP and WebP Transparent are the options These are the latest options and among them, WebP is the best, if you do blogging and if you want good quality images in small size, it would be uploaded in WebP Format So talking about the illustrations You can go through a wide category of illustrations which are good You will find various categories One thing that I didn't like in this, it lacks the search function in illustrations So If I have to search then there is no option available for that I hope they add this function in future It seems like they will add the search function in future I can directly download it in the SVG format I will right-click-> Save As and add this would be saved in the SVG Format I can use it in the photoshop format or you can use it in the editor I can also edit it I can edit its colours by adding it from options given So in this manner, you can change colour for the illustrations Talking about the images, you get 2 free images library from Unsplash and Pixabay You can search for the images and add them here You also get filter option in images If you want to add filters in the images so that can also be easily done Talking about the text, you can find out various categories for it Canva Free has more categories than this, around 53 pre-made templates are available It can be increased, hopefully, in future, it is expected You can also find various fonts You can directly upload the fonts You also get the Google Font Library I can also upload custom fonts, All the system fonts from Google, I can use that easily Then we have elements Suppose you want to add rectangle then you can add them, lines can also be added So the collection of elements is good, but the functionality of a search bar is still missing Suppose I am looking for the dotted line element, then I will have to search for it I wish I could have written here and directly it has provided me with the results for it, that would have been much better Then next we have is icons The icon collection is one of the best They are providing icons from the Iconfinder option and svgrepo Both of their icons collections are really good Suppose I type Instagram I can find various icons for it which I can use it for free You won't find this feature for free in Canva There are various different categories available I can use all icons, without giving any credits The icon collection is really good and believe me Icons are something that really grabs the instant attention in an image Suppose I am creating WhatsApp related videos, then I should have Whatsapp icon in the Thumbnail so that it can quickly grab some attention So in this manner, you find various icons of Instagram, WhatsApp Whatever icons you require are easily available here if you are looking for a smiley icon, reactions or emojis, you can search it and apply on the image The icons are really good This is my favourite part of this editor You will also find the Blend Mode Suppose you want to change the colour theme of the template So you can do that with the help of this blend mode This feature is also good as you can easily test various colours on your design Talking about folder management, so you can easily save your designs and you can put this in various folders The main drawback is, you can create subfolders in the main folder Suppose I want a particular design, so I went to My Design and I want this design in my kp2 Folder, so it is easily moved by dragging it into the folder You can't create subfolders, but you have the option for Workspaces If you have to work with different team members and you want to keep your personal workspace, separate from Blogging and Youtubing Workspace I can create a different workspace I can also share that workspace with the team members, I can add them In the Pixelied Single Code, you can add only 1 Team Member As soon as your codes are increasing, your team members would also increase Talking about its support, They have their FB Group and they are knowledge-based and it can be more detailed in my opinion Talking about the team member, the SIngle code has 1 team member which you can allot in the workspace Talking about the background remover tool, in my opinion, it was good, But here you can remove background for only 5 images, per month, if you opt for their Single plan They have recently introduced mockups You can find mockup, suppose you want to show you the image on the laptop or on the website so you can do that with the help of mockups You won't find many templates for it but I think they would more on the mockups in the future And if you want only for mockup, then I would recommend you to watch my Placeit Video, which is on I Button That tool is one of the best for mockups Talking about their roadmap, it is good They are quickly competing with their roadmaps I have found various improvements since the time I have used this tool in the beginning There are various options included like Search Functions, Export Functions, Various New Templates and Mockups are included They are ongoing rapid progress The link for the roadmap is available in the description, you can check this out The features I would like to see are my favourite features for icons and photos I will also like to see the search features for illustrations Add search feature for illustrations is a very useful functionality So these are the features that I would like to review So talking about the pros, their icon, the vector and illustration collection is very good and can be edited They have a good roadmap and it is a simple tool to use Talking about its cons You can find various glitches as it is a new product In such a case, you need to clear cache and use it in the incognito mode There is no mobile app as the web version is only available It's for the image only, you won't find animation or videos option as you can see them in Crello But I think, this is fair that the focus should only be at one task at a time and try to implement it in a better manner So pixelied is new and it is good but there is a great scope for improvement So Should you buy this? If you are looking for a lifetime tool, which is in Budget and where you can find a collection for icons, illustrations, vector graphics and mockups So you can look for this tool and it is available at a good deal in App Sumo You can use this tool and claim for its refund within 60 days if you don't want to use it further I will personally use this tool to create quick images For example, I want to quickly post something in the community tab, if I want to quickly make an image with icons, then I can post it If I use photoshop, then I have to download images and drag the icons on the templates, which is time-consuming I find this as an easy option for quickly creating images So you can test this if you want So talking about the Giveaway, there are in total 4 pixelied accounts Giveaway How to enter this? First of all, HIT THE LIKE BUTTON so that I can bring up these tools as well as giveaway's like this You can find the link in the description, enter your email ID Verify you email ID I will pick up 4 winners on 17th January 2021, they will get an email regarding it and I will share about it in the Community Tab So that's all for this one HIT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to this CHANNEL


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