Object Oriented Programming with Python – Full Course for Beginners

Outsourced Product Development – A Trend or a Business Necessity

Nowadays the concept of outsourcing is a new hype in the software industry and many businesses are investing billions in outsourcing all their core and non-core product development activities. Since companies are intended to bring innovative products to the market rapidly, they need a strategic model of outsourcing for their upstream functions such as product designing and product development.

5 Emerging Technologies Among Java Developers in 2018

1) Unit Testing: In the event that you need to improve as an engineer in 2018, at that point you should take a shot at your unit testing aptitudes. What’s more, not simply unit testing, but rather robotized testing? This likewise incorporates combination testing.

How RPA Can Help Businesses Become More Efficient

It’s no secret that today’s business world demands efficiency. Regardless of market or industry sector, businesses seek to leverage efficiency into increased productivity. One of the best ways to make your business lean and efficient is employing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into everyday business functions. Read on to learn more about how RPA can help businesses operate more efficiently.

3D Rendering Software – Top 7 in 2018

With the advent of the digital era, rendering software has undergone a plethora of changes. The demand from users of 3D rendering software coupled with technological advancements has influenced the industry to progress over the years. The need has helped the industry revolutionize renderings that are life-like and realistic, thus appealing to clients seeking such services.

A1 or A2 Milk: What Is Best and Safe for You?

Milk is made up of water, carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, salts & minerals, and enzymes. Knowing the fat content in the milk is equally important as knowing if it is safe for consumption.

How Robotic Systems Are Helping Cows Milk Themselves

Have you employed a robotic milking system yet? Or an efficient animal husbandry software to manage your herd?

Tech Support For Business – Software Support For WordPress, Shopify + More

If you’re running a business that relies on its digital infrastructure – either for your work or for the likes of a website etc, you’ll likely be aware of how much maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly. Whilst there are a number of “PC Repair” companies who claim to do this, the simple reality is that they are not equipped to handle software issues. This tutorial examines the options that are available.

Email Address Verification: The Key to a Successful Marketing Campaign

One of the most important things of the company is to secure themselves from added spam lists and ensure email address deliverability. Keep your email list clean and protect your emailing reputation and deliverability.

A Guide to Mobile App Development Life-Cycle Phases

This article is going to highlight the different phases of a mobile app development life-cycle. Read on before starting your app development journey.

The Benefits Of Using Agile Software Development

The agile method is a particular type of software development that is characterized by its simple, repetitive, and least bureaucratic form. The advantages of this procedure are the major cost and time savings compared to conventional programming methods. The Agile methods make it possible to better control IT projects in terms of deadlines, costs, and results. They advocate iterative work, good communication between the actors.

4 Compelling Reasons & Tips for an Informed Buyer to Invest in HRMS Software

The scope, flexibility and versatility of HR-related software continue to accelerate at a great pace. As an example, the new generation of training and development software, not only tracks aspects of training such as scheduling and enrolment but can also manages vendor data and costs.

Absent-Minded? Forgetting Things? Take Notes With Apps

This article is going to highlight some of the best note taking mobile apps that are presently trending in the market. Read on and choose the best option for you. Not being able to remember every single detail mentioned in the meeting? Forgot to bring a pen to take notes in the class? Well, taking important notes is now absolutely easier with these note taking mobile apps.

Five Key Reasons Why Software Testing Services Hold Added Relevance Today

Technology changes have made businesses to adopt quality assurance in a big way. The objectives are to provide an enhanced user experience and be cost effective.

What Makes A Great App Developer?

4 great questions to ask for the app developer. A short list of what can make or break a developer.

How Creating A Prototype Adds Life To Product Development

There could be various objectives for developing a particular product but one of the common mistakes which they make is to overlook creating a prototype for it. A prototype, in contrast, is crucial to product designing.

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