JavaScript Tutorial – PuzzleCam Game

Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities – How Does It Make the City Smarter?

Smart cities are cities that use different types of electronic IoT to collect data and then use this data to manage assets and resources efficiently. Pune is a smart city situated in India; citizens who live in Pune don’t need to rely on traditional forms of communication with their local utilities and service bodies.

Why You Need Office 365 to Be A Success

Office 365 is a true modern office solution. It features everything you. To get the most out of you, it is essential.

Why Odoo Is The Number One Small Business ERP? 3 Facts Behind It

While having an integrated and practical ERP system is essential today for guaranteeing efficient operations, this article focuses on Odoo, the pioneer ERP platform today for small businesses. It explains the most plausible reasons for making Odoo, the promising software for small enterprises.

Can Blockchain Co-Exist With GDPR?

On May 25th, 2018 a new privacy law took effect in Europe. The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, and it gives EU citizens control over who controls their personal data and over what happens with it. It’s the reason why you are bombarded with popups asking your permission to gather and process your personal data.

Top VPN Companies Info – Which Providers Offer the Best Services, Benefits, and Pricing?

When it comes to virtual private networks, there are literally dozens of services to choose from. Choosing the right one doesn’t have to be a difficult task, however. All most people ask for are a variety of servers in different countries, decent speeds, P2P enabling, affordable pricing, security, and a strict no-logs policy. The top VPN companies are able to offer either most or all of these.

Top 5 VPN Guide – A List of Some of the Best VPN Providers to Consider in 2019

There are literally hundreds of companies that offer free and paid VPN services. These include very poor services and very good ones. It’s generally considered that “free” services are all poor since this is a type of service that is difficult and costly to offer. When it comes to virtual private servers, you get what you pay for. If you want good features, you won’t get them for free. To help you make your decision and get as good a deal you can get, here is a look at the top 5 VPN programs:

Best Password Manager App: Tips on Choosing the Best Program to Protect Your Passwords

There are many apps and services that allow you to manage and safeguard your passwords and login details. This type of program is growing in popularity as many people realize that it is much easier (and safer) to have the best password manager app as opposed to trying to remember all of their passwords themselves. Even though browsers do offer to save login information and perform auto-filling tasks, they are not as secure as people would like to think.

App to Limit iPad Use: Guide to Parental Control Programs & Why You Should Use One

Kids these days spend way too much time staring at screens and get exposed to all types of material, much of which is inappropriate. Luckily, there are now parental control tools available to help them learn time management. If you are concerned about your child’s excessive use of his or her iPad, you can install an app to limit iPad use.

How to Hire Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps have become a major part of our life. We use apps for almost everything we do from ordering food to calculate the total bill. Apps are the perfect thing to attract people, especially when you have a start-up. Mobile apps help build better connections with people and are considered more user friendly than other mediums. The main reason is because of the constant use of technology nowadays.

Top User-Friendly Features That Your Custom App Should Have

This article tries naming the chief features that any app need today for being user-friendly. With the mobile apps space getting severely crowded with millions of apps, you could make your app better with more consciousness to its user-friendliness.

Value Added Business Decisions With Web Research Services

Web research is the future. It is time saving, effective and empowers the businesses to take quick informed decisions. However, despite Internet being a great source of providing highly effective and vast amount of information, it has its drawbacks.

How to Choose The Best Calendar for You Dynamics CRM System?

Calendar is the base of your work processing. Thus, it becomes utmost important to have a fully functional calendar that can meet all your needs. This blog will guide you on how to choose the best calendar for you.

The Questions to Ask When Buying A Donation Software for Nonprofits

Whether you’re doing the background research of the software online or offline, there are a number of things that you typically need to keep in mind. Selection of the software isn’t always an easy thing to do and one needs to be very particular when make the selection. The article mentions the 5 questions that should never be ignored when choosing the best donations coordinator software for churches and charities.

Complete Guide To Build An App For Payments and Transfers

While smartphones became a dominant technology tool for people, providing steadfast applications in almost every area, apps for real-time usage and benefits are progressing more. This article turns to concentrate on the Payment apps which are helping millennials to make payments or transfer funds in a click.

3 Most Significant Benefits of Data Mining Outsourcing

Data is highly important but very time consuming at the same time. Every business organization has to take care of immense amount of data on routine basis. Rather than hiring an in-house team to take care of the same, businesses often prefer to outsource the task to a credible data-mining agency.

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