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The Preferred Solution – LeanFT or UFT?

With its new releases, HP is trying to cater to the needs of all kinds of users involved in SDLC. UFT and Lean FT can be used together or individually as per requirements and preferences.

The Main Users of LeanFT

With LeanFT and UFT12.5, HP has addressed everybody in the Software Development Life Cycle. The users of UFT are generally Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Teams, Subject Matter Experts and Test Automation Engineers

Different Kinds of Software Testing Services

Various software tests you can do for assessment of your software. Following is a list of the top tests you can perform.

The Fundamentals of Electronic Documents and Records Management

Electronic documents and records management, or EDRMS for short, is the term given to the process of creating, storing and using documents and records within a system. An example of an electronic document could be a contract from an employee, and with an EDRMS system in place this can be created and then stored on the system.

Beginning Microsoft Excel

I come across many users whose area of work require some basic level of Excel competence, but for lack of know-how, they perform the basics of these tasks with much difficulty and a burden on their daily productivity. Microsoft Excel, otherwise called Excel is the preferred choice for numerical based computations with almost no limit to what results one requires. This article is an approach for beginners to familiarize with the basic elements and principles of one of the most powerful and widely used spreadsheets of all time, the Microsoft Excel.

Benefits of an Early Warning System in Higher Education

Student Attrition in Colleges and Universities: Probably the most serious problem colleges and universities face these days is how to retain their students. The fact alone that fewer and fewer students enroll each year already makes it a considerable feat for administrators to run their schools effectively. Retained are those who enroll each semester until they graduate.

Make Your Business Shine With Retail POS Software

Working in the retail sector has its own perquisites and benefits when you are using the right system into use. As the retail sector has developed over the years, need of efficient systems has also grown so that customers can avail hassle free services without spending much time in long Qs. Over the years, new software has been generated known as the POS software. The benefits associated with it are that it helps in avoiding any form of situation, which can create a chaos. Closely, one can say that the software will regulate and streamline all process of retail business with just a few clicks.

How Does IOS Ensure Incredible App Development Services For Your Business?

The business apps in the future generation are foreseen to leverage the benefits of unique iOS capabilities that include extensions, location services, iBeacon, Handoff, Camera, AirPlay and Touch ID. All of these exclusive apps consolidate the workflows and make day-to-day tasks way more productive.

Undergraduate Research Work on Databases

Databases are all about collections of interrelated data. Research work on databases at the undergraduate level for students in their final year may include projects or theses. Projects are easier than theses but take a longer time. Which ones are more interesting? Which ones are more preferable to take? For answers to these questions, please take a look inside.

What Does Office 2016 Mean to a Small to Medium Business?

Microsoft Office 2016 became available on September 22nd. Any business considering upgrading should consider a number of factors. Do I need to upgrade yet? How disruptive is an upgrade? Do I pay for an upgrade license or is this my driver to move to Office 365 and pay a monthly fee from now on rather than upgrade fees every few years? As a small business owner myself, and a provider of technology services to small businesses, I thought of several relevant questions and then did some playing around on a number of devices to find out the answers.

How Good or Bad Is Negative Testing?

QA professionals have to verify and validate the software thoroughly to ensure that it is working according to the client’s requirements and expectations. While assessing the software, the testers have to test it from a positive as well as negative point of mind. Here’s an analysis why the QA professionals have to perform both positive and negative testing to assess the quality of the software more effectively.

Know the Importance of Testing in the Software Development Life Cycle

Software testing is an integral part of software quality and it is the most important activity for supporting the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC is a process for developing an application with proper research, planning, execution and maintenance. In every development firm, Quality Assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in the various stages of SDLC.

The Future of Biometrics – No Less Than Magic!

Imagine a world where remembering passwords and consistently worrying about thefts will become obsolete. Seems a little good to be true? Well you are officially entering a world where security will attain new heights.

Shifting Left With LeanFT With Agile and DevOps

Introduction – A technical definition of Agility refers to a method of project management which is characterized by the division of tasks into short modules, reassessing it frequently and adapting to variations accordingly. Agile methods replace complex designs with repeated redesigns. One of the most challenging issues for software development is to meet the demands for speed and agility.

Make Use of Online Applications To Ensure Compliant Trade

Due to advancement in communication and technology, trading business has spread its wings internationally. The exporters transport their products to another country crossing the international borders. Presence of a restricted party may cause problems in the process. Checking the associated export parties and the vendors are very important to make trade legal. Treachery and crimes are quite common in the recent days. So, the exporters are finding ways how to screen trade parties.

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