Git for Professionals Tutorial – Tools & Concepts for Mastering Version Control with Git

AI for Significant Enhancement of Product Design and Development

Over the past few years, innovative technologies have rolled out their potential in the field of product designing and development by showcasing amazing results. By automating complex procedures, technologies like artificial intelligence has already manifested its relevance with the immense capabilities of streamlining product development process.

The Innovative Application of Machine Learning In Product Development

No matter how much tech savvy the world is becoming, very often people get themselves puzzled in the labyrinth of new evolving and advanced technology trends. And whenever this kind of situation occurs, people have somehow found the way to understand it and how to use it in the running situation.

Modernizing Legacy Software Products Ensures ISV’s Survival

Technological disruptions and innovative business models have made traditional ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) almost extinct while transforming every business into a digital business. Some of the key drivers of this transformation include the adoption of the cloud and SaaS-based business model, which allow vendors to make a rapid transition from a cloud-first approach to cloud-only approach.

How Would You Select A Test Automation Tool?

In today’s highly dynamic, complex and volatile world of software development, the goal of every software development organization is to deliver superior quality products. The basic criterion is that the software should be bug-free. However, despite the efforts and precautions taken to deliver the best output, most teams will agree, that defects always seem to creep in once the product is up and running in production.

Moving To the Cloud? Know How It Can Be Rewarding for Your Business

By far, technology has changed in leaps and bounds and we have moved into the realm of the cloud. Cloud technology is nothing but storing of databases, transmitting and receiving data over the internet. This article attempts to explain how moving your business management to the cloud with cloud-based ERP software is rewarding in the long-run.

4 Benefits of Making a VIN Decoder Part of Your Fleet Management Software

So, you have a system that helps companies manage their fleet more easily. This system helps your customers perform their vehicle repairs and title renewals. They even use your software to get the most out of their vehicle fuel. Now, you may be thinking what else you may need to add to your software. Actually, you need to keep working on your systems to ensure they solve each and every problem that your customers may have. A VIN decoder should be part of your fleet management solution. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this system.

The Potential And Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence

After a short time of development AI has earned value within the business economy. However, its full potential has not been met yet because of a few limitations that still need to overcome. The future is promising.

Make Your Marketing Global With Oracle Database Users Email Lists

Here are some of the best practices which a technology-based business should keep in mind for marketing certain solutions to the Oracle Database users. Following these tips, marketers can plan better ways for business expansion in the international market using Oracle Database Users Email Database.

Latest Trends That Will Set The Stage For Software Product Testing

As businesses are heading towards digitalization, software development industry is becoming more technically advanced with embracing latest technologies. It is aiming to deliver high-class software products and services to their clients/customers.

Why Startups Should Schedule a Consultation for a Custom Software Solution

Software development solutions can kick start your new IT business and developing a perfect and customized solution can help you cut through the competition. But if things go wrong, then your startup may become another failure on the digital scrapheap with poor codes, wrong ideas and other development issues.

The Evolution of Marketing Automation

While aiming to promote products and services successfully in the market, businesses had realized the importance of adopting marketing strategies early on. Due to the intense competition, marketing strategies got infused with the technological innovations in order to evolve out as the modern marketing, which is now embedded in the customer’s lives and affecting it at a rapid pace.

Performance Monitoring of Applications and Infrastructure Is Critical For An Enterprise

Looking at the complexities of performance monitoring, vendors offering APM and similar services include machine learning methodologies to attain optimum results in data mining and generate important information. There are various ways to adapt to a proper performance monitoring mechanism. It is necessary to learn about each. These are Code-level APM (Application Performance Monitoring), Network Performance Monitoring or NPM, Performance Testing, Real User Monitoring or RUM, and Synthetic Monitoring. Code-level APM is a good tool to report load time and response time. In fact, it smartly figures out the lines of code in the application that are causing these troubles. New technologies obviously require new approaches.

Do QA Practices Deliver the Highest Business Value?

The role of the QA team is no longer to simply ensure that the product is delivered defect-free. But now-a-days, QA must also support the organization’s strategic business goals and deliver business value through software testing practices. We call this Business Value QA.

Best Practices Of UI/UX Design To Retain Users

A successful mobile app with a superb look and feel is the result of fine UI/UX design. In order to make a mobile application thrive it is essential to plan and develop a unique and smooth user experience design. Users enjoy to access and stay only on those apps which satisfies their specific needs and gives them a pleasurable experience. In this article, it is being discussed that which UI/UX design practices are best to follow in order to acquire and retain customers.

The Most Effective Ways To Boost Performance Of Windows 10

We all want our Windows computer to be fast, but that remains a far fetched dream for many! Read this article and get to know the ways with which you can boost performance of your PC.

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