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Future of Biometrics in Banking & Financial Services

The financial sector is in the process of change by the new forms of communication available in the market. Trends like fingerprint scanner are gaining increasing strength in the financial landscape, causing banks to bet on the integration of all possible channels of communication to satisfy the demands of the client.

How to Make the Onboarding Experience of Apps Interesting & Unforgettable

This article is penned down to let mobile app owners all around the world know how to make the first experience of users on their apps smooth and pleasant. While onboarding is a key aspect of every mobile app irrespective of the OS/devices, it is the only element that decided the actual user base.

How to Track Group Members In WhatsApp in Real Time

Use of Whatsapp in Real Time Approach. The latest feature that was added in WhatsApp allows users to track their friends who are members of the same group, in real time. It was to be expected since the company has been working on new features that were introduced in the beta version of the application for Android.

10 Common Mistakes in APP and Software Localization

When writing to code, the coder may be tempted to embed the text directly into the code. Ensure that this is avoided as this will cause the software localization experts to have to reread the whole code to determine which text needs to be translated. This process will be time-consuming and costly.

PCB Design Software is Making News in 2017

This article is to sum up and introduce the top-rated PCB design software in 2017 for electronics makers and hobbyists who love DIY or design circuit boards. By separately stating the features of free/paid software, working system, function, etc., there must be a PCB design software at least can be found suitable for the professional designer or beginner whoever you are.

How A Befitting ERP Solution Can Prove To Be Rewarding for Sales Management

The key motive of this article is to make businesses aware of the valuable benefits that a robust ERP solution can provide them on the sales front. While sales department is one of the prior departments in every business that has the potential to either scale up or break down revenue, it is necessary to make sales team work faster for quicker responses to customer orders.

What Are the Advantages of SaaS?

Almost every business relies on software to operate, and for most SMBs, the costs of software – including license and maintenance – are painfully expensive. So is there a solution that allows you to leverage the power of software without a high price tag? One candidate is the software delivery service called SaaS. Read on to learn more about it.

Awareness About The 7 Most Important App Analytics Strategies For App Developers

In this article, I would like to share some of the major benefits of using the metrics from the mobile analytics tool to track your app status. These metrics would benefit your business performance.

Microservices Test Automation – What You Need to Know

Modern day engineering demands greater scalability, cross-platform capabilities, and faster deliveries. Hence the need for a software architecture that is flexible and that helps in creating systems that are more scalable, more resilient, flexible and can facilitate faster development.Unlike monolithic services architectures, Microservices architecture helps organizations create decoupled and independent processes and services that are easier to deploy and manage. The aim is not have inter-modular dependencies. Hence faster releases are facilitated by separating the application in smaller components that can be composed easily, and independently. The application developed using microservices architecture thus, is the sum of these individual components that communicate freely with one another and deliver greater functionality. Since the application components are independent of one another it makes them independently deployable and testable as well. However, designing a testing strategy for Microservices can be challenging. It demands the right use of tools, technologies, and frameworks to provide support to every testing layer. The independent micro-units must be thoroughly tested before integration with the larger application or application ecosystem. Otherwise, the cost of correction post integration can be huge.

Explore the Software Testing World With Network Virtualization

Software Testing is developing every day with new methodologies and systems. This evolvement gave birth to Network Virtualization technology that is leveraged to bring the flexibility, ensure reliability, network speed, and make the software testing process secure and scalable. Software testing on a virtualized network makes testing process simple to highlight real issues in a LIVE environment.

5 Efficient Ways to Streamline a Fleet Management System With a Robust ERP Solution

This article is going to depict how a dynamic ERP solution can simplify a Fleet Management System and can result in a fruitful business outcome. The workflow of the entire transportation industry depends on several aspects such as fluctuating cost of fuel, government regulatory rules, increasing insurance cost, mounting workload etc.

How To Convert Images To PDF Online (Make a PDF From Images For Free)

Photography has undergone a massive change in the last decade or so as it embraces the digital medium almost completely. People take more photographs than ever before and most of them will only ever be displayed on a screen. The most common format for storing images is the JPEG format.

Top 5 Trending Programming Languages to Develop Mobile Applications

This article is going to help you to choose the most efficient programming language while devising an efficient mobile application among the plenty of available options. With time, mobile technology is rapidly growing and impacting the diverse business sectors worldwide.

Why Buy The Office 2016 Key

Among all the computer programs one of the most significant and likely to be found in every computer is the Microsoft Office program. This is known as an office program because it helps with carrying out office activities such as typing, data entry, and creating different document formats. These are essential functions made possible by various program tools such as Office word, excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and many others.

5 Salient Facts About IOS App Development That Need Utmost Attention

Considering the innumerable facets of iPhone applications that need dire consideration during development, this article pinpoints the crucial facts that demand the maximum attention of the developers and app owners. Every successful mobile app has some unique story behind them and developers are gaining recognition for their roles in crafting such stellar applications with outstanding orientation and features.

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